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Auto Repair near Me

Auto Repair

Auto repair is key to keeping your car performing at its best. Whether it’s the brakes and the battery or the tires and the transmission, it’s important to find an experienced service center to handle all your auto repairs near Warwick, Cranston, and Coventry, RI.

The service center here at Route 2 Auto Sales is staffed by a team of experienced auto technicians. They’re ready to handle whatever auto repairs come their way, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Auto Repair Cranston RI

Common Auto Repair Services

Tire repair is one of the most common auto repairs. If your tire has a small cut that’s less than ¼ of an inch, the technicians at our service center may be able to repair it with a patch or plug. A tire that has suffered more extensive damage may need to be replaced.

Drivers also stop by our auto repair center when they need brake repairs. Brakes give your vehicle the power to bring you to a safe stop, so if you notice any of the following signs, bring your vehicle in for a repair:

  • Squealing noise when braking
  • Spongy or soft brake pedal
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Leaking brake fluid

Our team is also ready to handle more in-depth services like transmission repair. Is your vehicle slipping in and out of gear, or making buzzing or humming sounds when engaging? Those are signs of a failing transmission, so swing by our auto repair center for an inspection.

Our Auto Repair Center near Me

Auto Repair The technicians at our auto repair center have years of experience, and they can service any popular make or model. Whether you’re staring down a pesky warning light or hearing a strange noise, they’ll be able to diagnose the problem and figure out a solution.

Our team is well-acquainted with the maintenance schedules of all types of vehicles. Whether you pull up in a versatile SUV, a tough truck, or even a sleek sedan, they’ll know what auto maintenance services are required based on details like how many miles are on the odometer.

We only use genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) auto parts here at our service center. They’re made by the same people who built your vehicle, so they’re sure to fit just right. You can even order parts directly from our parts center.

Where Is There an Auto Repair Center near Me?

Now that you know where to go for auto repair near Warwick, Cranston, and Coventry, Rhode Island, you’ll have more peace of mind the next time your vehicle needs a new part or is due for regularly scheduled maintenance.

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